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Creative Commons License photo figure credit: papalars

Congratulations to Catherine who is the winner of the Baby Signs, Inc. Potty Training Made Easy with the Baby Signs Program kit. Catherine: check your email for a message from me.

There were 15 entrants, and I added entrants to a Google Docs Spreadsheet in the order they were received.  Entrant 1 was in row 1, entrant 2 in row two, etc.  After the deadline passed on Friday night, I visited and used the random sequence generator to order the list randomly.  The winning number was 5, which represented the 5th entry in the list.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and welcome to many new readers.  I hope you find enough interesting articles and discussions here to stick around. Look for a new full post tomorrow.

PS: I highly encourage you to click on the photo credit on the left. There are some truly amazing, beautiful, gorgeous photos to be seen…

One Response to “Baby Signs Giveaway Winner”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Congrats to the winner… and good call on the photos… they are amazing!