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Weekly Feeding 4-28-2008

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Tiger Feeding

Creative Commons License photo figure credit: david.nikonvscanon

It was an unexciting week in the personal finance blogosphere, but I did manage to find a few interesting articles:

  • Lynnae at posted the next installment of her (Not) Keeping Up with the Middle Class review. I still agree that personal responsibility is priority one, but many comments continue to argue that government and big corporations have little influence on the squeezing of the middle class. I disagree — I think these two elements play a large roll.
  • The Freakonomics blog had a post on an opportunity for Obesity research using New York City’s new law requiring restaurants chains of 15 or greater to post calorie content in the food. Interesting stuff…
  • PaidTwice had a post titled Don’t Wait Until Mortality Stares You Down to Write a Will. What struck me about this was the realization that PaidTwice had a greater chance of dying while riding to and from the hospital than he did while being tested. It is only the fact that the chance of death was outlined in black and white and he had to sign off on his acknowledgment of it. It’s amazing what a difference framing a statistic in one form or another has on perception. Incidentally, one of the last things on our path to financial wellbeing for ScrapperMom and I is to write a will…

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