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In the time-is-money category, I have discovered that Google Reader works quite nicely on my mobile phone. After going away for 4 days in June, I found that I was very far behind on my RSS feeds from other blogs. I tried the reader on my phone and sure enough it works great.  Now when I’m taking the dogs out, waiting in line, waiting for this or that, I can fire up Google Reader Mobile and catch up on my feeds.

With that in mind, you may notice that I have installed a few new plug-ins here at Don’t Feed the Alligators.

  • The first new plug-in is one that renders the blog into a format suitable for mobile devices.  This plug-in should even automatically detect that you are using a mobile device and render the articles appropriately.
  • I have also added a “Related Links” section to the bottom of each article so that if you like what you read, you can see what else I have written that’s similar.
  • Lastly, I have added a plug-in that prevents links that I put into my articles that point to other articles that I have written from creating trackbacks.  This has mostly an administrative use, but prevents it from looking like my blog has lots of comments when mostly it has very few (hint, hint…).

Here’s a sampling of some of the other articles and conversations that I have enjoyed over the last couple of weeks:

  • Nickel exposes the safest online banks.  Clearly this list is not all inclusive since the bank we use, EverBank, is not in this list, but is an online bank and scores a solid 3.  But the point here is to make your way over to (again…) and check out the rating for your bank.  This was how I found out that my former bank, NetBank, was about to fail.
  • Nickel also makes an excellent point about making sure to keep up with maintenance items before they end up costing you even more.
  • Jeremy writes about the fears that many investors have when the market goes into a slump.  He cautions about keeping things in perspective and making sure that you don’t miss the inevitable upswing.  I personally like to watch the growth in the number of shares that I own, rather than their worth, because the worth of a stock only matters when you sell it.
  • JD has a great article on the difference between a career and a job.  I bounced through a string of seemingly disconnected “jobs” early in my “career” and then hit on my current job which relies a great deal on the skills that I acquired collectively at each of those disconnected jobs.
  • JD also writes about the reasons to invest in index funds.  This is not an uncommon topic in Personal Finance Blog circles, but certainly bears repeating again.
"Some people complain that an index fund dooms you to mediocre
investment returns. “Absolutely not,” Bernstein replies. “It virtually
guarantees you superior performance. Over the typical ten-year period,
most money managers would kill for index-matching returns.”"
  • Lastly, Madison posts her reply to a request from a friend to figure out how to get out of debt.  See the top 7 answers from her readers here.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

2 Responses to “Weekly Feeding 7-20-2008”

  1. My Dollar Plan Says:

    I’m going to have to try accessing my reader on my phone… I’m so far behind in reading all the feeds I like!

  2. MITBeta Says:

    That’s how I felt too until I tried out the trusty Google Reader mobile. Now whenever I have 2 minutes, I can whip out my phone and read away…